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CBT Mistress

Mistress Chloe Handjob

Mistress Chloe has her slave completely bound and helpless, strapped down to a bondage table with a steel bondage device locked around his cock and balls, squeezing them tightly. She tells him that he will never have sex with a woman again, because she is keeping his cock caged forever, but if he begs her enough she might actually jerk his cock until it cums. Chloe teases his cock mercilessly, using only two fingers and slowly rubbing her hand against the cock head bulging out from its steel prison. Mistress Chloe enjoys making her slave beg for her spit on his cock as lube – and in his mouth as he suffers from the heat of the latex hood around his face. Chloe decides to let her slave cum, but she tells him that he will have to eat it once he does. The slave begs and begs Chloe not to make him do such a disgusting thing, and she finally relents. Chloe then jerks his cock for real, making him cum a huge load all over his belly. Of course, Chloe scoops it up in her hand and feeds it to her slave through his hood, laughing at his humiliation. Of course she was going to make him eat his own cum; did he think his begging was going to change her mind?

Mistress Chloe

Mistress Chloe